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handcrafted botanical medicine
since 1997


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Jon Michael Carlson created Vitalist Botanicals in 1997 as an outlet for his passion for wild-crafting medicinal plants and producing high quality herbal medicines for clients. He began by meeting the herbal needs of a few select holistic
herbalists and community members and established a sustainable business model of keeping production to a small scale where he could attend to every detail and know his customers.  Jon was diagnosed with ALS in early 2022 and died November 16, 2022.

Jon asked dedicated friends and students, Lauren Kemple and Rhonda Brown, to take over the apothecary when it became clear he would not be able to maintain it.  Together they bought Vitalist Botanicals in the summer of 2022.  Lauren and Rhonda are committed to maintaining the high standard set by Jon: exceptional quality medicine and attentive, caring relationships with land and people.


We are in the Rogue Valley of Southern Oregon,  on Takelma land.


We provide several hundred varieties of small batch, hand processed tinctures, infused oils and topicals, powders, syrups, and custom formulations from primarily local, organically grown or wildcrafted plants.

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